my Mother’s Day

For several years, I hated Mother’s Day.   My mother, Irene died of colon cancer when I was in my early 20’s.  Later, I married and for the next few years I was unable to bear a child of my own.   It was not until I became a mother, myself that I began to look at this day in a more positive way.   I still very much miss my mother and I also miss my son who lives so far from me.   But…being the person that I am, I reflect on a flood of memories that bring me so many smiles.      I share some of my smiles with you …

1935-Irene-Anna-Abel--HS_web                       Irene_Kenn_1933_web         withBoys_web

Irene, Doug, baby Deb with Jerry
my mother and her mother, wit


with Mom and Aunt Myrt




Washington, D. C. 1975


Christmas 1974